Welcome to Twenty2Scratch.com, an idea of mine to document my journey and determination to become a scratch golfer despite being a really average high handicap hacker where we are right now – December 2016 just before Christmas.

Right there are my two girls, who are everything to me as you can imagine.  I cannot wait to take these two down to the Driving Range and teach them a thing or two.  Who knows they may even get to scratch before me!

There is no clue how long this will take.  I have been a member of a golf club, The Mere in Knutsford Cheshire, for 3 years now and never come down in handicap.  I have always stayed between 22 and 20.  What sparked this though was somehow managing to qualify to the BMW Golf Cup (the largest amateur golf competition in the world) National Final at St Andrews in September then blowing away the field to win it.


I have to say mainly due to the work of my great caddy Ross Angus (look him up if you are playing any of the official St Andrews Courses) but that enjoyment of playing really good golf gave me such a buzz that I want more of it.  I qualified for the World Finals of the BMW in March 2017, which I cannot wait for, which gave me the focus and motivation to keep playing for the first time through the winter.

I rang my coach, DT, and booked up 4 hours a month through the winter and into the spring until Dubai.  That is the first goal, to play well in that, then it will be below 18 then single figures, then under 5 before setting sights on the ultimate golf accolade for an amateur.

Lets see.

Thanks again for stopping by and please get in touch, feedback is everything.






6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey Tam,

    Just stumbled across your blog and love the mission you’re on! I’m on my own to get to scratch (currently at 3.9)…looking forward to following you along the way now, and I’m sure we’ll have some comments to share with each other along the way. Good luck!



  2. Your on some journey! I’m playing off of 18 last four years can’t get any consistency what’s most frustrating is I know the shots are there I’ve gotten some lessons didn’t do a whole lot! Any tips lol


    1. Thanks for the comment Thomas. I know what you mean I’ve felt the same the past couple of years but the last 6 months I’ve felt myself improving and can feel it coming together. Confidence and concentration along with LOTS of lessons. I do 4 hours a month every month. Pay by direct debit to make sure I do.


  3. I envy you your age when trying to become a scratch golfer. You are in that zone where the most important consideration is your family/work/ golf balance. It is very easy to become consumed by your handicap. Set yourself goals of reducing your handicap by suitable amounts as to not disrupt your ‘life balance’. Remember, golf is a game where you can still reduce your handicap, in later life, when you have more time to play. Get the balance right and you will never fall out of love with the game. I am a 58 year old golfer, who now gets considerably more time to play, my handicap has gone from the 20’s to 12 in a year, I am looking at a number of years before my ‘distance’ falls away, so anything is possible.


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