Lesson 1 – The longest journey starts with a single step..



Tuesday 20th December – High Legh Park Golf Club

Session 1 – Putting Practice Routine

Putting has always been an area of the game where I have dropped shots.  3 putting (sometimes even 4 putting) is not un-common at all.  I will have to start counting the number of putts I make in a round to see exactly how many I am losing.  As we arrived at the Driving Range even too early to be allowed to hit balls, we went out onto the putting area.

DT set out for me a routine that I could take away and do on my own – as well as a good little warm up before a round of golf.

  • Get the setup and alignment correct first using a great tool called Mi Putting Template (£34.99).  Not paying attention to where the ball is going, just getting all lined up and hitting straight putts out of the centre of the club.
  • Move onto distance control, pacing out 10, 15, 20 etc foot putts and keeping score to monitor progress.  This is helping me a lot and I am even now pacing out every putt on a round of golf until I hammer it in how quickly to stroke each distance – much to the annoyance of playing partners.
  • Putting out – finally work on getting the ball in the hole.  3 ft, 4ft and 6ft putts around at North, East, South and West doing a putt at each station from each distance.


Session 2 – Swing Clinic

We spent a lot of time on the putting green so there was only half an hour left of the two hour session to do some swing work.  DT gets me in his studio watching the swing live and the numbers on the TrackMan.  Today we touched on the 8 positions of the golf swing that DT focuses on.  Something that I can practice in the kitchen at home over Christmas when I doubt I will have any spare time to head out to the Range.  I also popped into American Golf to buy a really useful tool to enable you to do this at home, hotel room or anywhere really – only £14.99 and what it does for me is just sit around and home you find yourself picking it up and swinging.  You dont really find yourself reaching for a full size golf club in the same way.   PGA Tour Swing Grip Trainer – American Golf







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