2017 – Setting Targets

Happy New Year everyone, 2017 feels like it should be in the distant future of a 90’s sci-fi film but here we are.  Everyone is thinking of self improvement at this time of year and setting goals.  All the usual crap about being more healthy and fitter…..just after you finish that box of chocolates though or January is a tough month at work so will go to the gym in February.


The big goal for me this year having a handicap of 20.8 is to get that cut.  Scratch is miles off lets face it, no matter how many lessons I have this year.  That is my long term focus to keep working towards however in order to remain motivated I am splitting that down into logical progressions and more attainable targets:

  • Goal 1 – Break a handicap of 18 to never have 2 shots on any hole playing anyone.
  • Goal 2 – Become a Catergory 2 golfer by having a handicap of 12
  • Goal 3 – Become a single figure handicap golfer
  • Goal 4 – Become a Catergory 1 golfer by having a handicap of 5
  • Goal 5 – Scratch golfer.

I found this interesting graphic on Golf Digest that plots out the index of golfers handicaps to what percentage of players play with each handicap.


So my personal first goal is to break 18.  I am quietly confident that the work I have put in over the winter with my coach DT will get that achieved when the season starts properly and I start playing full rounds again in competitions.   We shall see.

Whatever your own goals are this year I wish you well with them and a happy, healthy 2017 to you and your loved ones.  Get in touch and let me know how your doing.

Play well.


9 thoughts on “2017 – Setting Targets

  1. All the best Tam – as a high handicap golfer myself I’m also looking to try and bring my handicap down this year, so will follow this blog win great interest!

    My aim is to get down to a 22 handicap, as currently I cannot get below 100.

    I’m a member of Lymm Golf Club, if you fancy a round some time let me know!


  2. Hello,
    Looking forward to following your journey!
    I’m on a similar path myself /
    and one thing I have learned is the importance of having both outcome and process goals.
    You have clearly state your intention (your outcome gosls) but where are the process goals underpinning your objectives.
    You know where you want to get to but how do you get there is the question which must be answered. What are you going to focus your attention on in order to pursue your intention?


      1. Hi Cathal,
        Thanks for the comment. The plan in that respect comes from the Coach and I follow his advice based on improving the all round game and specific parts of the game as he sees fit. I can report back after lessons and will do to let you know what we worked on but as for the plan ahead to reach the goals I’ll leave that up to him. Is that what you mean?


  3. Just a thought on target setting, rather than focusing on handicap set target scores to achieve consistently. Break 90, 85, 80, 75 etc. Handicap will take care of itself. Good luck through your journey will be interesting to follow.


    1. Thanks for the comment Dave. Thats good advice. So if I am 18 playing handicap that means Im hoping to break 90 really at the moment. Let me see how the next few rounds go and I’ll see how low I can go. Always posting the cards on here of course!


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