Lesson 2 – Range Routine

Early start for a Monday morning to get a much needed session in with DT before work.  The first since Christmas and with his wife due to give birth to their first baby this week, it was very important to get it in beforehand!

Early start before work

Monday 9th January – High Legh Park Golf Club

Session 1 – Swing Clinic

As it had been a couple of weeks since the last session, without much golf inbetween due to the holidays, DT just stood back and watched 20 ball warm up and 20 balls hitting properly.  Checking how I am swinging to his trained eye.  We both noted 90% shots starting left and going left.  Nothing dramatic but definitely left of target.  We reviewed the footage from Trackman, looked at the numbers and identified two problems that needed addressing.

TrackMan Data and Footage
  • Problem 1 – Downswing Path Angle slightly across the ball from outside to inside.  Causing the ball to start to the left.
  • Solution – In previous lessons we already worked on the ‘feeling’ of coming from inside the ball to get a true swing back to the ball.  During this session I was getting the right feeling but the data proved that there was a disconnect between what I felt and what was happening.  DT then asked me to work on the first few inches of the return swing in iscolation.  At the moment it is reaching the top and then moving away from the body.  Immediately causing me to fight that back to the inside.  If I could iscolate this part of the swing and instead get the club to ‘drop’ a couple of inches for only a fraction of a second to start the club back on a better path toward the ball.
  • Problem 2 – The clubhead is being closed when it retuns to the ball, causing a left spin and the ball to start left and go left.
  • Solution – using a highly sophisticated training aid (see hammer taped to golf club) we worked on simply returning the club to the ball square on to start the ball off on a straight line to target.





Session 2 – Range Routine

How often do you go to the range, get 100 balls and just hit balls?  Changing club when you feel like it and end up either smashing drives or finishing off getting rid of all the balls left with some short pitch shots to the closest flag.  I know I certainly do.  DT wanted to give me a defined routine though for the range to get the most out of my personal practice time to take onto the course.

Basing the routine on getting a basket of 100 balls:

  • WARM UP – 20 Balls – Get loose and get into your swing
  • TECHNICAL – 20 Balls – Pick something about your swing or a particular shot you want to improve.  Iscolate the technique, hit 5 balls, and then go back to iscolate the technical element again before hitting another 5 balls.  Repeat this process for the 20 balls and hopefully see improvement.
  • FREE SWING – 20 Balls – Forget everything technical about your swing, just swing freely and not even aim the ball.  This is important to just feel a good connection and think about your timing.  Where you are aiming at doesnt matter, the swing itself doesnt matter and nor does it matter where your ball goes.  This should be the mindset when hitting your shot on the golf course.
  • SHOTS TO TARGET – 20 Balls – Pick exact targets and judge each shot as you would on the course, how far it ends up from target.  Working on alignment especially.  Like on the course it doesnt really matter about connection, shape of shot, anything technical – just how it ends up.
  • 9 HOLES – 20 balls (approx) – Picture your home course, or the course you are about to play a big competition at.  Then hit the first 2 or 3 shots per hole on that course.  Whether that is driver, 8 iron par 4.  Or a Driver, 4 iron, pitch par 5 or a 6 iron par 3.  All to target and using trackman if you have it.  Mentally preparing for your next round.


Decent drive.

Hopefully some of the things we worked on this week can help your game.

Play well!



2 thoughts on “Lesson 2 – Range Routine

  1. It’d be interesting to compare improvement over a period of time with intense lessons and a period where you just play a lot of holes. I’m personally a bit sceptical of obsessing over numbers and ball flight etc… Just find a way to chop it round, then work on making less mistakes!

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