Prestbury Golf Club’s Newest Member

For the last two years I have been a member at The Mere Resort Golf Club and I can fully recommend it to anyone.  It is in a beautiful setting around a big lake and is extremely well kept.  I will do a full review of it in the Golf Club Reviews of this site when the weather picks up and I can take some photos on the round that do it justice.

Last year though, I was given the opportunity to play Prestbury Golf Club by the incoming Captain for 2017, Pete Atherton.  It is a course I had heard a lot about, with many members at Mere saying how good it was, interesting and challenging – with the greens rumoured to be the best around these parts.  Being under 10 mins from my house as well I certainly wasn’t going to turn down a round.  So we played at the end of summer 2016 and I was hooked.  From this promotional video you will see why…..


Part of what attracted me to Prestbury GC is its a traditional golf club with a strong history and a way of doing things.  Like many golf clubs of this type I could not simply set up a Direct Debit and join, I had to let the new Captain introduce me to members who then began to discuss with the powers that be at the club that I would like to join.  Eventually I got enough of the senior members of the club to allow me to attend an interview in December 2016.  They limit the number of members to 320 if I remember correctly and there were a few spaces open.  It has been a long wait since then but finally yesterday the letter from the Club arrived on my doorstep and I was in.  I cannot wait to get started on their great grass practice area and start getting that handicap down by winning some competitions!


The Pack!  Excitement like joining a new bank as a kid in the 1980s (without the pigs)

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