Equipment Review – Shot Scope

A present at Christmas, I was straight out over the holiday period trying out the Shot Scope.  It was muddy and cold but by heck I was trying that thing out.  You can pick one up direct from Shot Scope for £185.

First Impressions

First things first, it has to be said it looks simple.  It doesnt have the wrist appeal of the TomTom Golfer 2 or the various competitor golf bands and GPS watches but the design lends itself to the simplicy of what you are about to do with it.  It has tags and it it has a plain wrist ‘watch’ with just 4 buttons on it for how many putts you take.  Cannot be simpler than that.  Its black, it fits well and its light.  Its not as sexy as the TomTom but it doesn’t try to be.



The shot scope is another shot analysis wearable tech that tracks what club you are using and where you are using it to give you a real barometer of your game when you get home and sync up the watch to your smart phone or desktop.  I wanted to look into it especially as it didnt involve any tagging of the golf shots as you take them.  I am forgetful at the best of times so with Game Golf I often found myself 2 shots down the hole before remembering I should be tagging my shots – or hole out to then have to go back and tag my putts.  This beauty doesnt need that at all you just swing and play the hole, then when you hole out you simply stand over the hole and tap it with how many putts you have had.  Simple.  Onto the next one.

First Time Use

I tried this out on my last trip around Mere over Christmas.  Apologies its taken a few weeks to write up the review.  Simplicity is the beauty of this thing.  Whilst having my pre-round cuppa tea I switched it on, it found the GPS location no problem at all and that was it then until I holed out on the first.  I found that I was remembering every hole as it was such a simple process.  The downside I found was that if your wearing this thing it would be great if it could incorporate a display to include real-time GPS positioning to the green.  Its a bit of a waste of what you are wearing whilst on the course.  Leaves you to still need a laser gun or smart phone app if you want to help yourself around the course.


After Game Analysis

The best part of these tech that tag the golf clubs is that you get to see and record exactly which club you use on each shot on each hole to start working out which is the best clubs for you in any given situation.  Rather than going off raw feel you get the statistical backup of your hunches.  The app and desktop analysis used by Shot Scope isn’t as slick as Game Golf, but to be honest the shot tagging itself is faultless and the putting tracking is sublime.  Unless you do something pretty stupid it has tracked everything you have done and lets you sift through the information to pull out what you need.  I think that with all of these there can always be more data available and more work done on making it look good but you cant knock it too much at all.


In conclusion if I could marry the look and on-wrist display of the Golfer 2 with the quality of tracking, shot tagging and ease of use of the Shot Scope then I could retire tomorrow a rich man.  I can recommend this to anyone and the best feedback I can give to Shot Scope team is you have a great product here just see what you can do to sex it up a bit.  Some yardage display would also start to eat into the TomTom market and Garmin signifcantly and you could take on Game Golf in no time.


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