Dubai Day 3 & 4 – The Meltdown then Moving Day

Day 3 – Round 1 – Meltdown

So…. where do I start.  It took me 24 hours to get over yesterday.  I hated golf.  I hated everything about golf.  I couldnt even kill some time in the evening playing Golf Clash on my phone.  That bad.  I went to bed thinking about it and wasnt looking forward to similar feelings over the ball today.   Lets just sum up the least enjoyable round of golf I think I have ever had on arguably one of the most beautiful of courses.

How can you not enjoy the Majlis?  I somehow managed it.

What went wrong?

  • I played like crap
  • I was trying too hard to be good
  • My back and shoulders were in bits after 3 rounds in 3 days.
  • I was thinking about people back home wanting me to do well
  • I expected to be smashing 35+ points so chasing it from early on
  • One of us was always in the rough wide right or left looking for a ball so no tempo at all
  • I was talking to myself far too much
  • I was tired from a 5.30am alarm and only managing to sleep for 4-5 hours
  • One of my playing partners was a complete old dinosaur hard work old git.   Sorry to any old followers out there.  His red cards included:
    • asking me questions when I had lined up my putt ready to stroke it
    • most times asking to take a second putt out of turn to have another go – even if it was 4/5 feet
    • moving his buggy when your over the ball and into your shot routine
    • kicking the ball for a better lie the other competitor saw and told me about today
    • in his head out driving me looking for a lost ball.  Im 36 years old, 6ft 2 and can hit it.  He was 70.  Bless him but c’mon man your not keeping up with play if your looking for your ball past mine from the tee.  He wouldnt have it though.
    • Picking up his ball to identify it in the rough when he was the only one who hit there to that exact spot, then gently placing it on top.

Apart from that though it was great!  Seriously though I tried everthing I had read on my flight over here in Zen Golf to stay in the moment, stay positive and stay focussed but when your playing badly, your playing partner is annoying the life out of you every hole and your in pain.  If that was golf I would stop now.  Those reasons are all just self pity though I should have got over it and a few good holes early doors or a good run would have changed everything.  When I got back I hated golf.  Nothing for it but asking a few mates best treatment for the aches and pains.  Ibruprofen, paracetamol and ice baths with hot showers were on the menu so thats what I did.

So I went out last night with the team to a seafood restaurant, had some beers, a nice bit of fish and a good time.  I went to bed tired, not looking forward to tomorrow but hopeful on the basis that it cant be that bad again.  With a new strategy of staying in bed later, warming up less and taking paracetamol and ibruprofen.  Its 500/600mg as well over here so potent stuff.

Ice bath heaven

Day 4 – Round 2 – Moving Day

Today I woke up before my alarm call from the hotel at 5.50am, which was lucky because that alarm call never came.  Slight oversight from the Walforf that could have left me in a sticky spot if I had woken up at 10am half way through my tee time’s round.

I was ok on the drive over, tired again but not as bad as yesterday.  I finally had some paracetamol and big dog (600mg) ibrupofen they have over here.  Couldnt feel my back at all.  Or anything for that matter!  Getting there I read some of you guys messages on social media and you would be surprised at how much it helped.  With the missus asleep I didnt have any encouragement from her 🙂

I warmed up a lot less, hitting only a few balls each club and felt ok.  5/10.  And not hitting all out just swinging it and saving myself.  A few chips, a few bunker shots and 10 mins on the putting green and away we went down the 1st.  The 1st is a much nicer hole to start from – its how golf courses are designed to be from hole 1 and the designer would have set out ordered challenges.  Playing off the 10th just isnt as nice for me for some reason.  Anyway on the tee box I took out my 3 wood, toyed with the GPS a bit and the bunkers were 250ish to 300ish.  I thought that the 3 wood proved more risky as I definitely hit my 3 wood about 250 off a tee whereas I know I can get past most of the trouble with a good drive.  Off it went a right beauty and just made the last bunker, 150 yards or so from the hole.  To be honest though my mindset was that much better that I was just happy with the drive and how it hit.  I walked up to the bunker shot, took out my 7 iron and lashed it again a sweet strike, this time into a back bunker after bouncing 3 times on the green.  A bit quicker through it and it could have stopped dead or spun to help me.  Again I was fine with it and just buzzing about how well I hit out of the bunker.  This continued and my golf was just enjoyable.  The guys I played with were good guys, not much English but good guys who were curteous and encouraging.  We were the worst 3 players but we were the worst 3 players together.   Even when the head referee came round to hurry us up after an hour as we were the 1st group out setting the pace, and these guys werent scoring well, I told him where to go.  What does he expect if he sents out the 3 lowest scores first as a group.  I told him to expect minimum 5 hours to which he wasnt happy with that as we were only an hour in!  I mean though what a stupid decision top put us out first anyway.   They didnt hurry us again until the 10th tee at half way when one of his colleagues had a little pipe up to which he got similar treatment.  If it takes me all day to get a good score around here after yesterday mate, park up your marshall buggy because I am taking it.  It wasnt even me though it was the lads but it wasnt their fault they were stressed and trying.

imagerayAnyway I ended up on 29 points.  I thought I had 30 but I completely forgot the competition cut me from my playing handicap of 18 to 17.  No big deal something to do with all the countries evening out.  Most importantly though I enjoyed it and looking forward to attacking the final round.  I am 8 points off the top 10 and I am 8 shots better than those guys.  I can do it.

Lastly a special mention to Gary who came to caddie for me the last few holes and to Ray who came to support me during the last two.  Outstanding effort lads and much appreciated.

Onwards to the BMW Beach Party, a few pics below…


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