Dubai – Once in a Lifetime

So it has been a week since I flew back from Dubai at the end of one of the most memorable weeks – certainly the most memorable in terms of golf.  So before I get into anything about my thoughts on it I have to say a massive thank you to everyone at Halliwell Jones BMW for their golf day in the first place, to Mere Golf Club for hosting the first round, to Royal Birkdale Golf Club for hosting the regional final, to St Andrews Links for hosting the National Final and to Emirates Golf Club and Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm for putting on the once in a lifetime World Finals.  Of course everyone at BMW Golf Sport who put it together.  It must be a massive undertaking to do that competition across all those countries and do it so well.

Warm Up area at Emirates Golf Club

Dubai – Final Day

So you left me going into the final day of play, a long way off the leaders and needing a 50+ round to get back into it.  Impossible but you never know when that perfect round happens – and thats the beauty of golf as a high handicapper.  One good hole, a few good shots per round keep us coming back in the hope we can put it all together one day and shoot a par!   amazingly after 4 rounds in 4 days and the pressure I was putting on myself I felt remarkably fresh, that could also be down to very strong ibuprofen they give you over there!   We were early (again) off the Faldo course this time which I have only seen in fly overs and looked very tricky indeed.  Lots of tight landing zones around water.  I tee’d off with a fella from Mexico and one from La Reunion and it was a great first drive – today was definitely a day for teeing it up and swinging at it.

My ball on the fairway at the 1st Drive – thought it could be the day….

My caddy from yesterday, Gary, was kind enough to join me on the 8th green which helped a lot as its always good to get a second opinion on every club, every read and every green.  Even if neither of you have played the course its good to get a good golfers opinion.   I played some of my best golf on the last day and ended up with 33 points and a couple of blobs.  One of the blobs was simply due to me not knowing the course and going the wrong way and driving down completely the wrong fairway.  Too hyped up after a good start!  My playing partners said they wondered where I was aiming and why a driver on such a short hole – nice of them to ask before I hit!  The Faldo course isnt as famous as the Majlis but I do recommend it as a beautiful and very testing course.  You can score on it if you are careful but you can also lose a lot of balls if you are not.  Overall I played some of my favourite shots on this round that give me a lot more motivation that a very good golfer is in there somewhere.

Gala Dinner

So to the final night.  I had so many hopes of this dinner being lucky enough to be walking up on stage.  I packed my special claret velvet dinner jacket and golden bowtie just to stand out a bit.  Just my luck this week that the bowtie broke as I was putting it on but a little knot at the back and no one could tell.

Another great do by BMW where everyone came together and had a great time.  They make you feel like a superstar even though we very much were not.   Monty was back to hand out awards and give a speech.  In the 90s I wasn’t really into golf so missed his pomp but they played his highlights and he certainly was some player.  We could tell that playing with him on Sunday but some of the things he did were outstanding.  One of the big golfers people know who crosses over outside the main stream golf fans.  It was a chance to really relax with the players from the UK team – including Rob Cooper from NGL Golf who was the BMW Events co-ordinator.  He was definitely part of the team.  We had a great group – Richard and Nicole from Yate, Anne and Stuart, then Rob and myself flying solo.  We came together well and whatever golf we played it was a great laugh.  I am sure that we will stay in touch and hopefully play some more golf together.


Lessons and the future….

So despite being disappointed in my golf what can I take from this?

  • I am not bullet proof.  I am 18 handicap for a reason.
  • I cant come back from disappointment.  I just need to do it quicker on a course to not let a round get away from me.
  • Consistency is the key in competitive golf.
  • Learn to block out your playing partners who may be doing what they can to disrupt your rhythm.
  • Whatever you score, your family love you!

Onto the season starting at Prestbury, the Trilby Tour in June and getting this handicap cut.  I will keep seeing DT for lessons and I will keep on swinging.



Homeward bound



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