Lesson 8 – Compact The Backswing

Friday 26th May 2017

It feels like an age since I was in the Damian Taylor coaching setup at High Legh.  It probably has been a fair old time as the last couple of times I have seen DT it has been on course at Prestbury for a match or a course lesson last month.  I have now been seeing DT regularly since August last year – thats 9 months of regular lessons.  So when you havent been in the room, with the TrackMan and looking at your swing on camera, seeing the facts about your swing in numbers, I certainly get the feeling that I am beginning to make mistakes on mistakes from simple playing.  It feels a relief to get back down there and tighten everything up again.

Today we just had time for an hour, so I felt the main thing was just getting in front of DT to let him look at how everything about the swing was looking.  Pretty early doors we jumped on one topic:

Compacting the Back Swing

GUT!!!!  Diet needed after Portugal holiday next week….


DT quickly noticed a tendency I was doing to elongate at the back of the swing and kind of stretch the club up to get it further around on the swing.  That stretching was causing a few problems and most logically the loss of some control in my mechanics as I fought to go from a stretched position to one under control.

To correct this we went over and over my swing slowly to the point where he wanted to make some corrections and brought everything slightly more compact, comfortable and under control.  Having a new point where my back swing ended felt a bit short to begin with but had immediate results on the connection consistency and ball flight being more ‘pure’.  It just felt like a lot easier swing that was getting a better result – so happy days.  Something to take away and practice down at the range before going out tomorrow.

Hitting new 2 Iron

The latest club decision I made was to ditch the 5 wood and go with a Titleist T-MB 2 iron.  So we hit some balls with that and DT gave me some technical tips to work on down at the range for hitting such a low, flat iron.  I want to use this club when its windy and also if I need more control than a 3 wood.  The low ball flight means it should go harder into the wind than a lofted club or a wood.  The key points we discussed for hitting the 2 iron well were:

  • Ball position right on the left heel like a driver.
  • Having that feeling of hitting on the upswing like with a driver.
  • Almost having the feeling of trying to pull the ball on purpose – as the most natural thing for me to do with this long iron is to swing across the path and therefor cause a left to right curve.

After taking all these on board I was hitting it very well, achiving a carry of between 210-225 and then a further 30 yards of roll after the first bounce.

Apologies for the blurr but you can make out the 2iron numbers


TrackMan Test

To finish with we did a 10 minute TrackMan test to just re-focus me on my yardages to carry.  Ranging from 50 yards to 160 we did 10 shots and I came up with an average score of 63 which safely puts me in the TrackMan single figure golfer catergory.  More encouragement that things are moving in the right direction.


TrackMan Test Results – 63 Scores you around a 7 handicap average.


Club Championship – Prestbury

This weekend is my first entrance to the Prestbury Club Championship.  It is a gruelling 36 hole event without any handicap allowance.  I was that keen to play you may  have seen I gave away my tickets to Wentworth for the BMW PGA Championship.  I have decided to use some new balls this weekend too – going from the normal Titleist Pro-V to the Pro-Vx.   If that cuts me 5 shots then it was the balls all along!!

Have a great bank holiday weekend.



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