Lesson 9 – Fix Up, Look Sharp

Monday 19th June 2017

If you read my social media posts last week you will have seen that I struggled to score well over the past few rounds of golf, which has seen me disappointingly knocked out of the singles knockout at Prestbury and a poor showing in the Captains Day there too.  Monday’s lesson was important to get back in the studio to let DT check out my swing and see what needed fixing.  If you were to ask me what the biggest problem has been it will have been a thin connection happening too often.

The first 20 mins of the lesson were simply hitting balls with a 9 iron, looking at the numbers, letting DT watch the swing from different angles and just talk through my current game feedback and listening to the sound of the strike.   After doing this stage he came up with two technical fixes to work on:

  • taking more load or pressure on the right leg on the backswing
  • the hands position at the top of the swing


Fancy Footwork – Loading the Right Side

One of the factors that DT thought could be leading to a thin strike – ie having the bottom of the swing too early and ahead of the ideal ball striking zone, would be that I am taking too much pressure on my left leg.

Left Leg Taking Too Much Pressure


A drill he showed me to emphasise this and force right side loading was to actually take my left foot off the floor slightly on the back swing, standing on one leg, before returning to two feet on the downswing.   DT makes it look pretty easy on this video but I can promise you it takes a bit of practice to get a nice strike and swing doing this with your bottom half:


The drill then sees you returning to your normal stance and hitting balls, really focusing on that loading of the right side and getting a consistent ball strike.

LEFT:  First backswing         RIGHT: Backswing on one leg in resulting in a better position

Hand Position – Top of Swing

The second technical element we worked on was the hand position at the top of my swing.  Instead of completing my backswing, I was tipping my body forwards towards the target slightly which will have been a potential cause of a thin strike on the ball.  I needed to think back to my days of a goalkeeper as described by DT.  At the top of the swing we were stopping and the feel he wanted me to achieve was really reaching in the top corner of a goal to make a save.  Really putting those hands higher and more of a coil that allowed my head to remain still and keeping a more consistent downswing to give myself more of a chance of that consistent strike we were looking for.

LEFT: Before    AFTER:  Note the head and hands position are more upright with increased ‘coil’


The next big game of golf for me on the calendar is my regional qualifier of the Trilby Tour, at Kirkbymoorside Golf Club.  I will be getting down to the range for the next week making myself as prepared as possible to try and get in that top 10 and qualify for the National Final.

2 thoughts on “Lesson 9 – Fix Up, Look Sharp

  1. Loving the site and the intent. I’m trying something less difficult and aiming to get to single figures from 15. Check out my youtube https://tinyurl.com/jxd9dxy (and please subscribe!)

    What are you off at the moment? Would love to get together for a game and swap ideas at some point as I think we’re like minded in what we’re doing. Keep up the good work and good luck


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