Lesson 11 – Reverse Drive & 7i Putting

21st August 2017

A cloudy and muddy morning met Damian and I as we met at 8am at the National Golf Academy in High Legh.  They were doing work on the range this morning so it was off out on the course to do 9 holes and an all round tidy up.  The two main points to write about that may help you in your journey to scratch were the Reverse Drive drill and the 7 iron putting technique.  The aim being to shave shots off from the tee and improve options around the green.

Reverse Driving

On the range my driving is relatively consistent.  A lot more consistent than on the course anyway.  Whether that be down to tension, stress, course conditions or simply putting a golf hole in front of a tee box way back leads me to change technique to when I am on a driving range hitting ball after ball with no consequence.   My bad drive on the course is a slice – or power fade as I like to call it.  This can then become a pull as I try to counter act it.    From the Trackman numbers and watching tape of my swing, this is usually down to an over the top swing path slicing across it instead of coming from inside and through.   DT gave me this drill to practice with, but also to be part of my pre-shot routine on the course itself.


As you can see,  have my body facing at 45+ degree angle away from target, and having to swing the club all the way around and almost hitting behind me.  What this does is give the body the feel of the club moving on the correct club path from in to out.  The right hand photo you can just see me releasing a shot through.  I wouldn’t advise you doing this on the Saturday medal but you can get away with it on the range or a practice round to see the results.

All that I do then is after a few swings at this angle, seeing the path and locking that in.  I square myself up to target, visualise the shot and off you go.  Trying to maintain that same path as when facing backwards.


7 Iron Putting

On a day like it was today, the ground around the green was soft and possible to get some plugged lies and just all round bad lies.  This area has always been an area where I am prone to losing shots.  My first reaction is to reach for my 56 degree wedge and chip my way out of there.   Today we worked on ignoring that urge and the first choice being a putt with a 7 iron.  This should reduce the chance of a bad connection (a thin or a duff usually in this case) but also with enough practice be a more controllable shot.

Mucky Lie

Points to remember:

  • Keep the body up right and close to the ball like a putt.
  • Shaft of the club much more upright than usual.
  • The ideal point of contact is the toe of the club as that creates top spin and the ball releases and rolls through instead of stopping or with backspin from a lofted club.
  • Putting stroke through the ball.

Voila as demonstrated below by my good self:


Thats it for today folks, a big major tomorrow at Prestbury so its an early night and down there nice and early.  Wherever you are this weekend play well.

Be seeing you.



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