Lesson 13 – Pivot, Load, Explode

9th October 2017

September came and went without any lessons with DT due to a couple of holidays, him doing a couple of European PGA Tour events with clients and the Alfred Dunhill Links.  Whilst on that subject I would LOVE to pay to enter that tournament in the future – if anyone has any way of getting in then please email me – tam@twenty2scratch.com!  I made some enquiries as I had heard it was just about raising the entry fee however unfortunately it seems that isn’t the case – like most things in life its who you know and not what you know!

Back at the Academy today we had a sit down and talk about the winter coming up and anything in particular I want to work on.  I look back at this time last year when I started properly seeing DT and I have come on so much in all aspects of the game.  It is hard to pin down definite aspects of my game – I want to get better at everything.  My general iron shot is what I am most comfortable with and thats what we have worked hardest on and continue to do so.  A good swing with an iron can correct a bad tee shot, can put you close to a pin to reduce need for sure game and can recover from mistakes.  If your bad with your irons this is a tough old game.  Yes I want to improve my good drives percentage from the 50% it is now, and yes I want to improve my up and down short game and putting numbers.  However if you are taking 4 to get onto the green then you are struggling.

Today we had a general hour of watching me hit balls and him jumping in to say what he saw before we finished with a TrackMan Combine to make sure my ever improving swing is helping me hit numbers.  The analysis of my swing led us to break it down and look at one key element:


Body Position at Top of Swing

If you take a look at this photo, it may not look like a lot wrong to me however DT was throwing out a few things that I needed to think about .


  • Legs too close together.
  • On the backswing I am not rotating my hips back enough.  If you see the angle of the belt buckle it is not far enough round to allow my full rotation and pivot.
  • The lack of rotation is causing me to lean to the left in order to get the club where I want it to be at the top of the swing.  You can see where my left side is bending slightly allowing my shoulders to drop – this is causing an inconsistency with the swing and reducing movement capability.
  • This then does result in loss of consistency of ball striking and encourage an over the top swing path.

To correct this I was slightly worried when DT reached for the broomstick and the alignment stick.  For the next 15 mins I was setup looking soemthing like this.

The key points we are trying to acheive in this photo are:

  • Trying to get the alignment stick in the belt turned as far as possible.
  • Maintaining my head position so it does not dip or move up.
  • Rotate the top half as one rather than turning and stretching.
  • Keep back straight rather than arching or bending.
  • Load up the right quad and coil that side.

We were working on this for some time, starting straight on then turning, DT checking position, making adjustments and going again.  It could get frustrating as I am very good at thinking how to remember body movements by certain thought triggers and feels.  This however wasn’t easy as so much was happening.   When finished we got back into hitting balls however to try and lock this feeling in we were stopping on the top of the swing and holding it for 3 seconds before coming through and striking the ball.

Another drill that works well for the loading up element of this technical improvement is the two step drill we worked on earlier in the year here.


TrackMan Combine

To finish off this week we did the Trackman Combine.  I always enjoy a quantifiable test that I can yardstick my progress.  My previous Combines have all been in the 60s/100 so I set myself the challenge of getting an overall score in the 70s that would mean I was on a level with a decent single figure golfer.

First shot out of the blocks was a beaut…

Tap in from 60 yards!

Unfortunately whilst there were some great shots, after the first few distances my scores had me at a +3 golfer until the TrackMan missed one.  That then got me out of my groove and I blobed out two shots.  Not bad shots – total bobs – zero out of 100 for two shots not only kills your score from up in the 80s to into the 50s it also gets you pissed off!  I was ruined and in the end carded a poor combine of 63.3!  Better luck next time.


Thanks for taking the time to read what we worked on this week.  Hopefully it can help you in your game.  Another lesson booked in tomorrow before we do an 18 hole course lesson later this month.




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