Lesson 17 – Putt Lag and Gapping

Thursday 26th April

Dare we say it that the eternal winter could be coming to an end??   In what seems like the longest I can remember it was a nice day heading down to High Legh to catch up with Damian for our lesson.  We had discussed going out on Prestbury for a 9 hole lesson but couldn’t get on so we decided to go out onto the course at High Legh, find an empty big green to practice some longer putts before heading back into the Academy to work on the gapping of each club going into the first Major of the season that weekend.


Putt Lag

One of my biggest problems last season was the amount of 3 putts on a round.   If you have played Prestbury you will know that they have some of the best greens in English golf.   The speeds are up there at 11 and without a bobble in them.   You just have to aim your ball and send it on its way – exactly how putting should be.   The problem with that for a high handicapper is that you have to get the weight spot on.  The ball can easily roll past to leave an 8 footer back when you thought it was going in.   Likewise the speed of the greens and the fear of 3 putting can get in your head so much you end up decelerateing to such a degree you come up way short and leave yourself a tough putt to save.


So this year I am going to work a lot on the length of putts as a focus.  I know from the work we did in 2017 on the fundamentals that I have a grip I am happy with and a putting stroke that releases the ball where I am aiming.  To be honest on the longer putts the actual aim is far less important than the length of the putt.  Sure a complete mis-read will cause you problems but a good length of putt will be up there hopefully within the 3 ft dustbin lid to make an easier 2nd putt.

The drills worked with with DT today put 3 balls at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 ft with pegs around the 3rd bin lid.  The drill was simple, balls within the 6ft diameter circle were a score, the ones outside it were a fail.  The further you go away from the hole the harder it is to get within the circle.   Once you have done that drill twice on one line, he reset the drill to move along a harder line to look at some right to left swing as well as when we got further back, some up and down slopes into the equation.

Naughty up, down left to right putts.



Through the winter we have been working a lot on swing fundamentals and improving the consistency of the strike.  I have also being doing a lot of work with Natalie Lowe at Pro-Fit Golf Training to improve my physical characteristics to hit the ball further.   Throw into the mix the tightness of the greens at Prestbury it is very important to be able to carry the ball the correct distance.  All to often a card could be ruined last year by an overshot green into the woods by wrong club selection (or poor use of the Bushnell!!!).

Back at the Academy we were back on the Trackman and this time went through hitting 6 balls with every iron in the bag.  Taking out the bad shanks and anything that was a big error and came up with an average carry for each club.   Rather than try and remember these yardages DT decided to write them on the club with marker pen.   It is worth remembering the carry rather than total distance as the roll out and bounce depends on the conditions of the course and the weather.



My current yardage carries:

2 Iron – 220 yards

4 Iron – 200 yards

5 Iron – 190 yards

6 Iron – 180 yards

7 Iron – 165 yards

8 Iron – 155 yards

9 Iron – 145 yards

PW – 135 yards

52 Wedge – 115 yards

56 Wedge – 95 yards

60 Wedge – 80 yards


Have a great weekend golfing.  I have another Major at Prestbury this weekend as well as the JAGPAR guys are coming Sunday.



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