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Three amigos

I am one of the millions of Average Joe’s hacking a little white ball around a golf course every spare moment that they have.  I am a sports agent, I am married to my beautiful wife Alice (married June 2016) and we have two amazing daughers Mila and Hattie.  We live in the leafy county of Cheshire in the United Kingdom and are happy with our lot.  Apart from my work and family, the rest of my spare time goes to golf.  I love it.  I love the feeling of a good shot or sinking a tricky putt.  I love the walk around some great golf courses.  I love the competition and I love getting better.  If you are a person who loves the climb rather than the summit, then this is the sport for you.

I first picked up a golf club in anger around 2008 when a client of mine took me to his local course.  From there I bought my first set around the same time – Ping G10s with a massive cavity back to get the ball in the air.  I even joined a golf club for a year (I was single living in Surrey at the time and joined a small club called Pyrford Golf Club) but didn’t really get into it.  I never took lessons and had a massive slice.  Couldnt get round in double figures and was just playing for fun really.

Fast forward to 2012 and with newly pregnant girlfriend Alice we moved to Cheshire and I wanted to get back into it.  I joined Mere Golf and Country Club near Knutsford and tried to really get into it.  I was given a handicap of 22 and had my first taste of competitive golf when I was turning up for the Wednesday medals and the odd main board competition.  Then my two girls were born in the next couple of years so golf took a back seat again and I stopped playing.

In 2015 I rejoined Mere again and began back up in the Medals but it wasn’t until 2016 that I began to really get keen on it properly.  I began taking lessons with Damian Taylor, who you can read about on this blog, and evaluating my game properly.  By chance I entered a Saturday competition ran by BMW without really noticing and ended up winning my category of 12 and over handicap men.  That qualified me for a North West regional final at Royal Birkdale.   So the lessons stepped up and my handicap at that time had sneaked up to 22.  It was a cold and windy day at Birkdale and I shot 31 points.  Not bad but not great I thought and enjoyed my day.  It turns out that 31 points had me Runner Up because the scoring was so hard that day and I had qualified for the National Final at St. Andrews in September.  To say I was overjoyed was an understatement!

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The final at St Andrews took on the format of a two day event, hosted by Colin Montgomery using the Castle Course in St. Andrews.  The first day was a practice day and was my first experience with my caddy – a young guy called Ross who was outstanding.  We played in a 3 ball and just enjoyed the day and hit it about to get to know the course and listening to his advice.  Come the second, competitive round, day I was very pumped and purely due to being the highest handicap group we were out last.  I had ruffled a few feathers the night before at the black tie do by telling people I wasnt drinking because I wanted to win tomorrow.  Big talk for a 22 handicapper!  Anyway I just liked winding these guys up but honestly I did want to win.  The prize for the winner (and only winner no 2nd place) was a week long tournament in Dubai at the world final.  Anyway to cut a long story short, I played the round of my life and shot 40 points.  Coming first by two points.  I was thrilled and the first time I had ever won a competition – good timing eh?   What it did though (apart from get me cut to 20) was give me the first taste of what it felt like to play good golf and I was hooked.

Dubai is in March 2017 and it was the hard training I was doing for that, and the feeling that I can actually be good at this game that this blog was born.  Thanks for taking notice.

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